My first cable project.

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Well, here it is, my first cable project. It is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I was suppose to start it on worsted weight yarn but I kept making mistakes because the yarn was so small. Every project I had done up to that was on Lambs Pride Bulky, which is very nice to work with; it doesn't give me extra stitches and stuff like that. So, I frogged the worsted weight attempt, bought some more Bulky and left out one of the cable rows.

You can see the result in the attached pictures.

Now, this is also the first project I have blocked. WOW! What a difference blocking makes! :) It now looks like I know what I am doing. :) I am going to have to go back and block all my other stuff now. Blocking made it wider, longer and all the stitches look better. Chalk this up to 'why didn't momma ever tell me about this' category. :)

I am not starting on some 'Dashing' fingerless gloves for myself.


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That looks terrific!

That looks terrific! Congrats on a great job.

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This looks great. I love

This looks great. I love knitting cables and seeing the pattern develop as the fabric forms under the needles.

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What a great looking scarf.

What a great looking scarf. I too did the Irish Hiking Scarf as my first cable.

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Nice job! Aren't cables a

Nice job! Aren't cables a blast. Yes, blocking is like magic - it's unbelievble the difference it makes.

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Hey...I am about halfway

Hey...I am about halfway with my first cable knit project...that happens to be an Irish Hiking Scarf. Yours looks great! Hope mine looks just as good.

Now...I have never blocked anything and am wondering how do you block a scarf. Don't laugh...but do you just wet the scarf and roll it in a towel? Is that good enough!? OKay....stop laughing...I was serious!

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I might actually block it

I might actually block it again. The only thing I did was fill a sink with cool water and put the scarf in it. I then let it soak for 3 minutes or so. I then put into a towel and folded it up and pressed out the water.

After that I simple laid it out on the table in that picture, kind of straightened it out with my hands and let it dry. No pinning or anything.

I think if I pinned it, it might have come out a lot better. Who knows. This was with Lamb's Pride Bulky, so 85% wool, 15% mohair. Took about 24 hours to dry like that. Might have been less, but I was at work.


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I also sometimes steam-block

I also sometimes steam-block knitted items. If it's small enough, I'll pin it to the end shape on my ironing board and put a light tea-towel over the knitted garment and blast steam from my iron into it (without pressing down on the garment...just holding it over both the tea-towel and the knitted garment).

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Even washing it and then

Even washing it and then laying it out flat to dry can be "blocking" especially if you take a little care to even the edges up when laying it out.

More aggressibly you might want to pin it out straight

Or even more so - sttretch it and pin it out to dry.

It depends on the item, the amount of blocking you want, the fiber, etc.

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I love this kind of blog

I love this kind of blog post...not only does it have a beautifully knitted garment, but the excitement of someone learning something blocking.

I agree that blocking can make a world of's nice seeing others discover it.