Tricksy's Sweater

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I finished this cute little cabled sweater from Dogs in Knits this weekend - in all honesty, it was supposed to fit my cat (yes, I'm one of THOSE people who puts sweaters on my cat!) - anyway, it turned out too large for one, too small for the other but perfect for Tricksy - it could be a little longer on the back, but she loves it and it's cute on her!

It's made out of (yarn snobs take a deep breath) Vanna's Choice 100% virgin worsted acrylic (eek) which means it should be easy to keep clean!

anyway, thought I'd share! I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day - tomorrow it's back to the grindstone...


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100% virgin

100% virgin can acrylic be virgin? It's plastic...

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that was supposed to be a

that was supposed to be a joke :)


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Is it kind of like 100%

Is it kind of like 100% genuine Pleather?

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like genuine corinthian

like genuine corinthian leather (which I might be mistaken but I don't think there's really such a thing) - haha


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But it's not RECYCLED

But it's not RECYCLED plastic. So really , whearas you want virgin wool; you do NOT want virgin acrylics; because in theory at least, recycled acrylic - or acrylic made from recycled material is "greener"

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very cute

very cute

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Tricksy is just too

Tricksy is just too adorable! She shows the sweater off to it's full potential, I love it. My wife's Pom, will just go nuts if we put anything on her until she gets it off, we have not tried a sweater on the Golden Retriever yet.


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its super easy... promise!

its super easy... promise! :)

I did it in a day or two... - but the fitting it together is a bit tricky if you don't pay attention.. I put it together perfectly then realized it was totally wrong... so had to undo the seams... ick. it's right now... and darn cute hehe


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This is such a cute

This is such a cute sweather. I've gotta get my hands on a Dogs in Knits book...that would be so much fun to make, and my chihuahua is rather cold.