Another Felted Scarf

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I got the Idea for this scarf from the fierce, fabulous and slightly whacky Sajata-e on Youtube
her project was called Fake a knit tweed scarf, LAZY

for her project you need 1 set of US 11 needles 1 set US 35 Needle and 2 balls of worsted weight yarn 1 a bright color and 1 a dark color
putting the 2 colors together as if one cast on 20 stitches on the 11 needles
garter 5 row
switch to the 35s and stockinette 5 rows
Repeat 140 row

I Cast on 30 stitches and did more rows as I felted mine
I hope you enjoy it
and check out Sajata e on youtube


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That is very smart looking.

That is very smart looking. Bravo.

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Thanks I hope the person I

Thanks I hope the person I am sending it to enjoys it
its heading to York PA on pay day

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I Believe in Nothing
Everything is Sacred

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That is a neat idea, I

That is a neat idea, I haven't got my head around knitting for hours and then shrinking it lol. Maybe one day.