Cupcakes for a knitter‏

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a friend sent me this link.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You can always give me your cupcakes Joe lol! I thought it was a very creative idea and besides Vegan , lots of good veggie stuff &fats, but not completely vegan. Marzipan is very filling if you allow it to reach you from withing, now that sounded like an Alien coming out of your tummy, lol!

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For insulin shock while

For insulin shock while knitting.

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A lot of time bakers use

A lot of time bakers use marzipan for sculpted/edible things like yarn balls. I like marzipan, but I would imagine a big bite of it with my cupcake might be a little overwhelming. Even if the baker used a thicker frosting to do this work, it still seems a bit too much to actually eat on a cupcake.

But they do look freakin' cool.

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I think I have to

I think I have to disagree... although the headache that would ensue after eating that must sugar might nearly kill me, the eating process... mmmmm....


Grace and Peace,

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Wow, those are great. I

Wow, those are great. I wonder how they taste.