OT: Dog Collars

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Okay....so another off topic bit. I really want my girls to have rhinestone collars (I know...how gay). However, they are super expensive (nice ones that is). With four standard poodles this is going to add up quick. Anyone familiar with leather work or putting rhinestones on leather. ( I guess that I shouldn't have trashed the Evil Queen from Snow White. She may have been my best resource.)




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Being the queen that I

Being the queen that I am.... our dog had to have rhinestones....we couldn't afford diamonds. She had a lovely necklace and then..... one stone fell out and the result was a very sharp spot on the collar. I would not do rhinestones again, maybe a knitted boa would be better.

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Sorry...my system

Sorry...my system belched...anyway, some years ago I had a friend with a Bedazzler so I had her make a collar for my male all black slinky cat. Very Witchy!

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. Buddha


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YOur best bet might be

YOur best bet might be beading a band and sewing it to a leather backing.

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Or you can just

Or you can just BEDAZZLE!


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Check out this site.

Check out this site. http://www.rhinestonedogcollars.net/index.html They aren't cheap but they are affordable one or two at a time. Now you've got me thinking how kinky cool my Westy and Cairn would look in rhinestones.

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This person seems to have

This person seems to have figured it out: