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The pinnacle of the LYS experience for me occurred on Monday at The Fold in Marengo, IL. Not only does Toni, the shop owner, raise her own sheep, process the wool, teach spinning by spindle or wheel... but she carries an amazing array of fine quality fibers and yarns in really exsquisite colorways. Vicuna, anyone? So amazingly light and cloudy and a mere $250 an ounce! My partner is so impressed by The Fold that he once asked me why I even bother to shop any place else... and he is not even a knitter!

I got to visit the sheep out back in the barn... including the two new lambs...

and I picked up some beautiful icelandic wool (6 hanks about 225 yds each) that the owner had custom dyed for me! I have been trying to find vibrant, colorful thick wool to create a warm shawl for my artist sister. I could find the vibrant colors in sock yarn but not the thicker wool I wanted. However, when I explained this dilemma to Toni, she asked me to show her the yarn colorways I did like. When I did she said, "Oh, I know the woman who dyes that sock yarn. I'll ask her to dye some of our icelandic for you". Amazing. For a very reasonable fee, I did a telephone consultation with the dye artist, Cathi Nuelle of and together we worked out what she was going to do... and it is awesome. Imagine six hanks... each one very different... but each one connected to the next by color. I love what she did! I can't wait to cast on once I figure out which shawl pattern I am going to do with such bulky yarn!



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whatcha gonna do with the

whatcha gonna do with the other three skeins?

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Another shawl! Perhaps for

Another shawl! Perhaps for my little sister this time... but I can't say since I know she checks my MenWhoKnits blog from time to time to see what I am up to! She is A TOTAL SNEAK!!!

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Was it 'Charlotte's Web'

Was it 'Charlotte's Web' that was the big rage a few years ago - done in multiple variagated yarns?
If I recall it was really just the "steeples" pattern from Walker done in a top down double triangle.

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Ahh, I see... it really is

Ahh, I see... it really is EXACTLY what I am doing. A basic lace pattern using progressive gradations of a variegated colorway!

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That colorway is

That colorway is spectacular, I can't wait to see this shawl! Have you decided on a pattern yet?

Yes, there is nothing like a great yarn store run my knowlegble, helfpul and happy people. I go into a sort of textural and color overload if I go into my LYS without knowing exactly what I want. I can easily become lost in all of that beautiful yarn.

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OOooohhhhhh! I'm jealous!

OOooohhhhhh! I'm jealous! Just spent five minutes staring at the colors and touching the screen wishing it were mine. I want, I want...