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When looking for "pleasure reading" I often turn to the young adults fiction. There tend to be interesting but not "deep" stories there that are well written,; and that don't involve my having to figure anything out, don't involve me in social comparisions, etc. Just reading for the story.

Picked up "The magic Thierf" by Sarah Prineas. It's a pretty standard formulae tale of young orphaned thief being pusued by the bully boys of his estranged, evil Uncle - who also is the villian of the tale; become Wizards apprentice against all odds and of course befriends the heir to the local ruler before solving the current disaster and saving the local ecomomy.

Mind fluff.

BUT.... one of the minor characters - the hired bulllyboy/bodyguard/cook of the Wizard -knits. The parts about him knitting are dropped nicely into the story and no one makes a fuss about him knitting.


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I used to work at our local

I used to work at our local library. Even though I mainly read adult fiction, I have read some great YA authors. I'm not familiar with Poppy Z. but I am certain our Teen Librarian (a good coworker/friend) could tell me more. Another, older, series is the "Skeen" books by Jo Clayton. (I think that's right.) I got hooked when the opening sequence talked of the secondary hero knitting a sweater as he piloted his dirigible. This book that Mario recommends sounds good. I may have to check it out. Have just finished re-reading the "Eragon" cycle, laughing at Angela's quip about spinning and knitting. How true: I hate it when my hands snag on the yarn! Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm definitely going to have

I'm definitely going to have to try that one out. I love young adult turners that require no thought. If you like stories that are easy reads, but a little more'd probably like books by Poppy Z. Brite. Start out with "Lost Souls" or "Drawing Blood"...somewhat gothic, but if you like the young adult fantasy books, you'll like these too. She writes about gay characters in a rather eloquent way too...

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The second book of the

The second book of the series comes out in May, I think. Second hand stores should start having copies soon I'll bet. Unless you are a compulsive reader (as I am) - I would say pick it up used. or library.

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I absolutely LOVE Poppy I

I absolutely LOVE Poppy
I have parts of Drawing Blood committed to memory, it is one of my all time favorite books

I Believe in Everything
Nothing is Sacred
I Believe in Nothing
Everything is Sacred

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P.S. I'm about 40 rows into

P.S. I'm about 40 rows into Queen Anne's Lace...lovin it.

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YOu are past the hard part

YOu are past the hard part then - the rest is easy sailing.

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Yep... The first time

Yep... The first time starting was hell...then about 29 rows in I had dropped a stitch several rows in, and was overall unhappy with I ripped the whole thing out and started over. Apparently, the first time was good for practice, because the beginning was much easier the second time around.