Knitting on the job

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I used to work for a major airline up until 1999 in the Reservations department. Prior to the era of customers booking their own reservations online, I worked in adepartment in which we made reservations with other carriers in conjuntion with our flights. Our department was in an area of this circular building in San Diego where we could be seen by every employee who entered the room. As it tuned out my small department was not at all busy, only receiving a call every 20 minutes or so while everyone else in the ofice would be taking one call after another with no beaks. Since I was so bored and the days just dragged, I made the decision to bring in an aphgan I was working on. Well...this caught on quickly and I had more than half the depatment knitting the same lacey patterned throw I was working on. This went on for months, the general reservations department still swamped with calls and us clicking away with with our circular needles, myself making three of them in various beautiful colors. Needless to say, our interline department was reduced to 3 employees due to the complaints of the other staff members in the building, sending us back to taking general reservations phone calls. Ahhh, those were the days.


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I knit at lunch time at my

I knit at lunch time at my desk, but I can't really knit other times during the day, since I work with patients in a hospital. I'm jealous of our recreational therapists who get to knit as part of the job sometimes! I'm toying with the idea of changing careers/jobs in the not too distant future, so maybe I'll find a job where I can knit. What treat that would be!


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Wow, another church organist

Wow, another church organist on the site. I play for an Episcopal church, but the organ is up front "behind" the altar. I'm in a pit, but the choir can see me, and the verger would certainly see me. Ah, for the days of being up in a choir loft. Then I could keep my stash inside the pipe chambers where it would never be bothered!!! Knowing my luck I'd be deep into a row of decreases and the priest would say "Amen," and I'd never figure out where I was on the row again :-(

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I knit on the job sometimes.

I knit on the job sometimes. Certainly at meetings. And on Sunday I knit during the sermon (I'm a church organist). The rest of my work is bookkeeping, so my hands are normally on a computer keyboard all the time. Though when those jobs have meetings, out comes my knitting. I don't leave home without it!

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The sermons would've been so

The sermons would've been so much easier to make it through if I had knit through them. Growing up Baptist, the sermons were rather long. Then I became Episcopalian around senior year of highschool...which was nice because the sermons are short and sweet... but now I don't really go anywhere. It's hard to wake up on sunday mornings in college.

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Wouldn't it be great to work

Wouldn't it be great to work in an LYS and have knitting on the job be in your job description?

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OMG, I'm going to go apply

OMG, I'm going to go apply for a job at my LYS tomorrow. What a wonderful idea!?

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I knit on the job.

I knit on the job. Sometimes I worry about getting in trouble for it, but then I remember that my boss knits in the afternoons at work what can she say? Work and class are where I get the most knitting done.

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That great Thomas. Since I

That great Thomas. Since I am pretty much self employed now, I do miss the interation with people, although I find that I am getting a little taste of that here. My pottery keeps me busy as well as working in Arkansas at a spiritual retreat center. Since our ice storm, I have been extremely busy with clean up and repairs right now so not getting too much of my favorite things done.