The Amsterdam Sonnetto

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I just wanted to share another of my hats whic I am working on the pattern as we speak. I don not know if I would have this for fre or for sale, we shall see what decision I make. I hope you kike the detail of the picture.


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Waaaaaaoooooooooowwwwww !
Too fun this one ! Great job !

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Very cool hat. I love what

Very cool hat. I love what the crown does. I've crochet many a hat, can I assume this was created top down.

By the way I really want your earings - very, very cool.

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It reminds me of stars

It reminds me of stars twinkling over a harbor- beautiful!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Actually Thomas is completely done in Crochet! Sometimes this intricate crochet stitches look like knit, but 75 % of my hats are made in Crochet, the next one that I am working on is Fantastic and is a variation of this hat, a fast Crocheted hat for those Wintry Days in the Netherlands or San Francisco , lol! The yarn is fabulous is Fantastic, I love Malabrigo hooking , knitting with it is fantastic as well, I am making one hat in short rows with another malabrigo Skein, the One My partner gave me with my Exchange Scarf!

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I suspected it might be all

I suspected it might be all crocheted. I should do more with crochet, but I tend to like knitting so much more. Time for something different though...we'll see.
How does one go about doing a short-row hat? I love my short-row toe up socks so much that I'd love to make a hat with short rows. I'm intrigued, and think it would be way fun.

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Some of those stitches look

Some of those stitches look like crochet stitches?

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slip-of-the-finger...Andy mostly crochets Monday nights...I knit...

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I watched this being

I watched this being knitted...the colours are rich and glorious....