Monogrammed Coasters

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I am so pleased with my latest creation - the monogrammed coaster set.  It is a take-off on my Mother's Day coaster set with elements of my relief dishrag thrown in. 



I had to draft out the shape of the monogram relief myself on graph paper, but it really wasn't too difficult.  Thankfully, the letter 'M', which is the first letter of my boyfriend's last name, was pretty easy as well as symmetrical, which is important because the coasters are meant to be reversible.  The 'M' is in reverse-stockinette on the right side and stockinette on the wrong side.

The coasters are knit on #5 needles (mom's coasters were on #7 and I much prefer the tighter knit of the #5 for coasters) in my favorite yarn, Lily's Sugar 'n Cream. I didn't knit a holster for this set, it just didn't seem necessary. 

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You are a knitting fool! 

You are a knitting fool!  Do you knit everywhere you go? I seem to be terminally unable to finish projects fast enough.

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That is exactally why I

That is exactally why I really like the smaller projects!  I really enjoy that feeling of accomplishment in finishing something.  Try a few cat toys, they whip up in about an hour.

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How handy - coasters for

How handy - coasters for your drinks while you lie poolside sunning yourself in your thong!

I admire your creativity!  Well done!

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They are fabulous. Is there

They are fabulous. Is there no end to your talents? Thongs, coasters............. You are so productive. Good on you! 

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