Sweater for Great Granddaughter

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This is a sweater I made for my soon to be born Great Granddaughter. I can't believe I'm going to be a great grandfather! The yarn is Sidar Snuggly DK, not bad for an acrylic/nylon blend. I used size 3 needles. The pattern is "Baby Sweater on Two Needles" by Elizabeth Zimmermann, It's made in one piece and the sleeve seams sewed.


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This is absolutely ADORABLE!

This is absolutely ADORABLE! I love it. Great job.

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Beautiful work, Randy, and

Beautiful work, Randy, and congrats!

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Beautiful knitting. I made

Beautiful knitting. I made this pattern for a young friend and his wife when they were expecting their daughter. Actually, I made a whole layette set for the little dear. One of my favorite photos in the knitting journal is a snap of Allyson wearing the jacket and booties while wrapped in the Shetland style shawl, seated in her carrier. Your great-granddaughter is definitely going to be a trendsetter!Books, knitting, cats...Life is Good.

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That's beautiful. And

That's beautiful. And congrats on the soon-to-be new family member!

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Beautiful sweater. I can't

Beautiful sweater. I can't wait to see a picture of her in it! Congratulations on becoming a great-grandfather!

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You're great granddaughter

You're great granddaughter will look so cute. It is really a great looking sweater pattern.


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really good job and the

really good job and the sweater is beautiful

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I've always loved this

I've always loved this pattern. Did it take long? I need a relatively quick knit baby gift with a big splash.

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If was a fairly quick knit,

If was a fairly quick knit, I made it over a period of 3 weeks but I didn't work on it for any great amount of time per session.


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Congratulations on the

Congratulations on the anticipated arrival of your great granddaughter, Randy. The little sweater is beautiful. That Elizabeth Zimmermann was a genius, wasn't she?

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I made that one last summer

I made that one last summer for friends who had their first child. It's a great little pattern and you did a wonderful job.

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Looks beautiful, and doing

Looks beautiful, and doing it in one piece sure reduces the finishing up time. Is this a variation on an EZ pattern?

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No, it is exactly as

No, it is exactly as written. The pattern is in the Knitter's Almanac.


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So cute. Great choice of

So cute. Great choice of stich/pattern with the yarn.

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Beautiful work, the yarn and

Beautiful work, the yarn and stitch are really beautiful! As to being a great grandfather, since you and I are about the same age I suddenly feel very......happy for you.

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