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I've been watching and waiting for someone to answer Martin's call to create and model swimwear.  Well, I needed a new bathing suit and so I decided it was time for me to venture into knitting apparel.  I have to say that the results are positive. 

First, I present the thong:


This is not the same thong pattern that Martin linked to, rather it is my own design.  I started with a 4-stitch ribbon for the ass-floss and gradually increased at both edges, as well as on either side of the center line (right-side rows only) to create the pouch. At the top, I switched to circular needles to create the waistband and cast on additional stitches.  One row includes a K2tog/YO row to allow for the drawstring.  Finally, I stitched the ass-floss to the waistband and VOILA!  The Thong is knitted in stockinette stitch using Lily Sugar 'n Cream on #7 straight needles and #5 circulars.

Next, the G-String Bikini:

G-String OOO LA LA!

The G-string is knitted entirely on #7 straight needles in garter stitch and, like the thong, uses Lily Sugar 'n Cream.  I cast on the appropriate number of stitches for the waistband, minus the number of stitches I wanted the front to be and knit for 5 rows.  I then bound off an equal number of stitches on either end and decreased 2 stitches each row (both wrong and right sides at first, then only the right side when it was down to my desired width).  The crotch is 10 stitches wide and when it was time to knit the front, I increased on either side of the center line but not at the edges as I did with the thong.  Once I increased to the number of stitches I knew I needed to complete the waistband, I just knit straight up until I found the proper legnth and bound off.  I finished by stitching the ends of the G-string to the the sides of the front flap. 

I can neither confirm nor deny that I am modeling my own wares (wears? b'dum cha) in the attached photos, but I can tell you that I'm looking forward to my next trip to the beach or campground to show off my schmancy new duds!

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Knit away, knit away

Knit away, knit away

Mike here you go Knit away,

Mike here you go 

Knit away, knit away

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These are GREAT!!!!!   And

These are GREAT!!!!!   And the model is not bad either...how are they when they get wet?

What a great idea Darrel. a

What a great idea Darrel. a calendar as in the style of the hit UK movie!
Knit away, knit away

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Ok.. 2007 will be the year

Ok.. 2007 will be the year of the MWK Calendar ;) They both look great and appear to be snug in all the right places to avoid any mishaps. Hooray for summer knitting projects!

It'd be great to knit one of these poolside, slip it on, then jump in. You'd be the hit of the pool, no doubt.

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Jeff you Rock!!! These are

Jeff you Rock!!!

These are great and I love you modeling them too..I think that we need some full body shots to really get the feel of them....They look damn sexy...good job!!

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LOL.....that is

LOL.....that is great.....and bound to get a lot of attention. Congrats....to you and yours! Wink

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Fabulous job on both the

Fabulous job on both the items and modeling them!!!  My partner and I are still to chicken-sh*t to model the thong I made.

OMG, I never ever thought

OMG, I never ever thought that anyone would rise to the challenge. You are a good sport. Then to top it off you made 2! & modelled. Above and beyond my wildest dreams. So which one will you be wearing at Gay Pride? 

Knit away, knit away

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Very clever,

Very clever, Jeff...

...is there any elasticity in the edges of the pouch?

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Nope, but I'd be interested

Nope, but I'd be interested in hearing your suggestions on how to add some.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Sure looks as though it

Sure looks as though it needs it!  Well done on both counts

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You can buy elastic thread

You can buy elastic thread in the notions department at good fabric stores...and weave it along the edge with a darning needle... another time...you can lace elastic into the edge... as you did for the drawstring at the waist... or carry elastic thread along with the yarn along the edge...

I was wondering when someone

I was wondering when someone was gonna pull out the summer swimsuit pictures. Good job, Jeff!

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Those are pretty cool!  And

Those are pretty cool!  And wow, nice model, too!  *le rowr*  Embarassed