The lace shawl that made me cry...

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... is FINISHED!! Yay!

I'll post a pic when its being blocked.

I took all the great advice you guys offered (after having frogged the damn thing twice) and put in a safety line every time I got to a basic row. I also used pattern repeat markers... and it really helped.

The safety lines I never actually needed but it was good to know I could rip back if something went wrong. The pattern repeats were clearly where I was going wrong so those helped a huge amount.

After about half way mark on the shawl I didn't really need the repeat markers any more and by a 3rd of the way through I'd left the last safety line a long way behind.

The yarn is a mid-grey, silk/merino mix and I've beaded it with tiny black beads all the way through. The cast on/off edges have little silver bells -- those'll drive my bf's mum mad -- but that was (subconsciously) part of the plan I think.

Now I just need to block it and that'll be a first for me too -- fingers crossed everyone and some chanting from those who feel they are able.


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Its in the previous entry --

Its in the previous entry -- I put a link to Ravelry.

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Hmm.. it was called Chesire

Hmm.. it was called Chesire Cat Stole designed by Carrie Griffin. Its pretty simple compared to your projects MMario but I'm happy with it as a starter lace project!

It was a free download on Ravelry and I used Fiddlesticks Knitting Zephyr Laceweight Wool-Silk (just two skeins) to be precise! Without wishing to brag I think my tension is a bit more even than the images shown on Ravelry (imagine me with a slighly pleased with himself smile, but trying not to be too cocky at the same time. As we all know pride comes before a fall.)

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It's another case of

It's another case of simplicity yielding more complex looking results. Nice pattern; can't wait to see your version.

*grin* I also like that she tied the stole and design into a piece of fiction.....I have fun with that as well.


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You now are a confirmed lace

You now are a confirmed lace knitter!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see the finished item, sounds absolutly fabulous wink wink!!!

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Sounds fascinating. What

Sounds fascinating. What was the pattern?