Hemlock Ring Blanket

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Well I know the Hemlock Ring Blanket isn't new to this group - but it was a really easy and fun knit. Mine was made with Araucania Azapa yarn (30% alpaca/45% merino/15% silk/10% donegal) so it turned out very warm and soft.

I used a US #11 needle for most of it, then switched to a US #13 for the last 5 repeats and the bind off.

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Wow! Phenomenal job! I

Wow! Phenomenal job! I agree with the others that the additional color renders it basically a new pattern. Necessity really is the mother of a lot of happy accidents! :) Congratulations! Stunning work.

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This is amazing! What a

This is amazing! What a great job.

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Did you add rows to the

Did you add rows to the pattern...it's crazy huge!

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Also, what type of needle

Also, what type of needle did you use for the last few rows? A hugemongous circular?

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I'm not sure what the

I'm not sure what the original pattern called for - but I did 137 rows (the last row had 1,320 stitches on it). Then the bind off row after that. As for needles I started on a US size #11, then switched to a #13 for the last 12 rows. I did use four sets of circulars - three for the actual blanket and then the fourth as a working needle. And it is one big blanket - but it was worth the work!


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Yeah, I was wondering about

Yeah, I was wondering about that too but forgot to ask. Mine, which is significantly smaller, required me to put the blanket on two needles and used a third as the working needle.

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Thanks to all of you for

Thanks to all of you for your kind words.

And yes...I do have sort of a blocking room - it's a carpeted basement. It's pure 1970's paneling, but we have very little furniture there so it's easy to make room for the blocking.

As for the color band - well...when you are running out of yarn of one color you make do. It wasn't inspiration at all. But I do love the way it looks!

The guy I made it for is an adopted son (he's 28) from Saudi Arabia. He nearly freezes in Colorado in the winters and when he sleeps he covers himself completely. That was the motivation for making it the size I did.


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I was impressed until I got

I was impressed until I got to the last pic and saw how humongous it is. Then I was just flat out in awe. That thud you heard was my jaw hitting the floor. Beautiful and the color accent makes it even more so.

(Let's see, if I start knitting this tomorrow I could have it done by maybe, mmmm, 2024, give or take a few months...)

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gorgeous - simply gorgeous!

gorgeous - simply gorgeous! - I'm amazed at how large it is... I want to make one of these but have yet to stat one... this is a little bit of nudging... WOW


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What can I say??? It's

What can I say??? It's completely stunning, well done... Happy Knitting!!!

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It looks beautiful, the

It looks beautiful, the closeups show lovely work.

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Holy crap that's huge! And

Holy crap that's huge! And gorgeous!!! How many rounds beyond what's charted did you do?

I agree with Mario, the addition of a second color at the edges makes it look like a whole different pattern. Very nice!

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Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks for the compliment. I did a total of 137 rounds, plus the bind off. So the last row had 1320 stitches.

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I really love it but have a

I really love it but have a question. How the hell did you block that thing? It would take a driveway and they are a little hard to push pins into! Do you have a special "blocking room" that has no furniture and a nice pinable floor? Very impressive! Oh wait, as I look closer at the picture, yes it is laying on a carpeted floor, lucky dog your very own blocking room. I just bought a house and didn't think to make sure that I'd have a blocking room....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm what room can I live without, and no I'm not giving up my sewing/knitting room for a blocking room LOL!!!

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Wonderful work, you should

Wonderful work, you should be proud.


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Absolutely, the different

Absolutely, the different colors bring it to life- excellent work!

It looks such a different

It looks such a different pattern when knitted in two colours. Very impressive.

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Looks fantastic. I think

Looks fantastic. I think the addition of the colour bands makes it virtually a different pattern.


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Absolutely beautiful! You

Absolutely beautiful! You did a fantastic job.