Yarn for Baby Stuff

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Dudes: One of the teachers at work is pregers and I'm going to knit some stuff for the baby. What is the best yarn for baby stuff. I'm thinking you want something that you can throw into the wash; however, I hate acrylic. Suggestions?




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I like a soft, machine

I like a soft, machine wash/dryable wool or high percentage wool: It's important to know ahead of time if the baby is wool sensitive though... The ADVANTAGE of wool, folks, don't forget...is that it doesn't burn easily and won't melt, unlike acryl, nylon, or cellulose fibers (cotton, etc). If the baby can tolerate it, machine washable wool is a wonderful choice. (I know a couple horror stories of melted/burned clothing on baby's skin...terrible scars, very scary).

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apparently baby sensitivity

apparently baby sensitivity to wool is quite high. i am currently making blankets for project linus and they ran into so many cases of baby sensitivty they they set a rule, no wool for babies.

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I do like the superwash wool

I do like the superwash wool for babies. Something like Lamb's Pride or Cascade Yarns Superwash. It's nice that they're washable. I've also used the Lion Brand 100% for baby blankets, but it has to be washed by hand.

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I used Snuggly DK by Sirdar

I used Snuggly DK by Sirdar to make a sweater for my great granddaughter and it turned out very soft. It is an acrylic/nylon blend.


Lion Brand Pound of love

Lion Brand Pound of love worked for me. Comes in limited colors, though.

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Caron Simply Soft! Caron

Caron Simply Soft! Caron Simply Soft!

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Some superwash feels just

Some superwash feels just like acrylic... it irritates my back teeth! It's quite disgusting stuff. But YMMV.

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I often knit baby things

I often knit baby things from Paton's Kroy or Sock yarn. It is 80 or 85 % wool and washable. It is a nice weight for baby articles as well.

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The SWISH from Knitpicks

The SWISH from Knitpicks actually washes well.. it's soft... knits nicely. I've made several Baby Surprise Jackets out of it and heard good things from the parents about the yarn too...

It comes in Worsted, DK and bulky.. The Worsted is at: http://www.knitpicks.com/Swish+Worsted+Yarn_YD5420153.html

The price is good too!

Hope that helps.

Grace and Peace,

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there is superwash wool.

there is superwash wool.

Buck - check out some of the newer high end acrylics. some of them are not bad. And it really makes things a lot easier for the parent

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you have limited choices -

you have limited choices - acrylic, bamboo, cotton. no wool