Wearing Cadet Cap

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I wore my rainbow colored cadet cap to Gay Days at Disney yesterday.  Had a great time and got several nice compliments from people there including a few who asked where they could get one.  One person on the bus that our church chartered offered to steal it, but I reminided him that stealing is a sin and offered to make him one. 

 All in all a great day and had a fun time wearing my new creation.


Do you think the Cadet Cap

Do you think the Cadet Cap could successfully be turned into a Pillbox by omitting the brim?  Would one perhaps need to use smaller needles in order to obtain a hat that would hold its shape?  Any thoughts from Brent or others who have used this pattern?

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Where were you last year

Where were you last year when I walked all over Disney wearing the little purple sock with rainbow heal and toe hoping to run into other glbt knitters?  I won't go into how crazy I got getting it done.  In any event, where can I find the pattern?  If I have enough time and the necessary stuff, I can get it done by Pride in Lauderdale.

Luv 'n' Stuff,

Bob in Fort Lauderdale