Some of my work

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Just some of my past work!

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Really beautiful work! Randy

Really beautiful work!


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Beautiful- you're very

Beautiful- you're very versitile!

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I'm am thoroughly amazed by

I'm am thoroughly amazed by your lace and colorwork. Are the hats fair isle or double knit?

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Thomas, the hats are from a

Thomas, the hats are from a pattern off of I did them as two handed fairisle the brim is lined by knitting stocking st for a few inches and then turned in and fastened down upon completion of hat

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I'm impressed too! What

I'm impressed too! What about the hat pattern....where'd you get that one? Beautiful work!

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From my favorate site ......

From my favorate site ...... #52 - 19 it is a very easy one to do hope you enjoy it

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I am officially impressed.

I am officially impressed. and nosy. Do you remember the names of the doilies and where you got the patterns?


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Beautiful work.

Beautiful work.

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Great work! Lace AND

Great work! Lace AND colourwork - the mark of patience!

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