Japanese Waves in Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine

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I just finished this yesterday. I had been itching to start another lace project and after several failed starts at other patterns, this one actually came to be. This used just one hank of the Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine and size 4 Addi lace needles. It measures about 6 feet long and about 7.5 inches wide blocked. I dread blocking my lace projects, but this one ended up quite easy. It was very easy to determine where to place the pins so that they're evenly spaced, and using the lines on the rug in my basement (my trusty blocking "board") it was easy to get an even width on the scarf.

This scarf is going to be another auction item for Italian Greyhound Rescue. We are having our second annual Wine Tasting Benefit this year and this will be up for auction at that event.

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The pattern is available for

The pattern is available for free on Ravelry and here: http://123knit.com/opskrifter/NGH_japanesewaves.pdf

It's really just a variation on feather and fan. Quite easy really.

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Beautiful scarf, and alpaca

Beautiful scarf, and alpaca is so soft. Is it your own pattern?

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Great pictures - incredible

Great pictures - incredible knitting. The more lace I see, the more I want to knit. it's a feedback cycle - but is it a postive one?
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WOW That is beautiful. What

That is beautiful. What or where is the pattern for that lace.
Great job. Love the color

I love the rich, warm colour

I love the rich, warm colour of this gorgeous scarf. I hope it raises many $$$$$ for your charity.

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Sorry this comment came up

Sorry this comment came up twice and I got rid of it but my pic is still there

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Oh!!!!!!!! It is just

Oh!!!!!!!! It is just beautiful.....I am so envious, I have wanted to work with the alpaca fine ever since it arrived in the store I work in last fall.

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You picked the ideal color

You picked the ideal color for this project...just stunning.

I have to admit, and the last attached picture, my browser allows me to zoom in real close...so I did and your knitting is spectacular. Great cause it's going to as well.