Project Completed (THANK GOD!!!)

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Ok so I know you Yarn Snobs out there will be like "OMG IT"S DONE IN ACRYLIC!!!" but deal with it (Just kidding), although I do actually enjoy knitting with acrylic threads. so I said I would get some pictures posted when I got around to finishing a couple of things. Here they are:


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When I make things for

When I make things for people who I am not sure if they will properly care for wool or for my kids where they out grow too quickly (and they are slobs, so easy laundering is a must) I will use acrylic. I am not about to put months of work into a sweater that is shrunk on the first washing! You have to take the final home of your project into account when selecting the materials to make it.


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What kind of acrylic do you

What kind of acrylic do you use - Paton's Canadiana? The set looks really nice.

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It is actually just plain

It is actually just plain old "Red Heart" acrylic. I am a boy after my grandmother's heart. it is all she uses... Happy Knitting.

"You want me to knit you a pair of socks??? Give me your foot!!!!"

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Looks good, and acrylic is

Looks good, and acrylic is not a horrible thing, just bad acrylic. Believe me, I have friends that I don't talk to due to them making me use bad acrylic for the projects I make for them.

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Hey, nothing wrong with

Hey, nothing wrong with acrylic. It's cheaper, handles well and is a hell of alot more comfortable than wool next to the skin (mine anyways)! LOL Nice work, by the way.