So - I'm driving to w*rk...

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and trying to balance the factt that I am running late with the fact that despite the heater running full blast, every time I start to put on speed the windshield starts to ice over....

and I'm watching the ice crystals spear their way across my field of vision....

and the sub-space continuim hyper-ganglionic y-space communication kicks in and a shawl design starts writing itself in my mind, doodling itself across the void like the ice crystals across my windshield in semi-random array of fibonacci numbers....

So - what comes of this?

'Frosted' - two versions written up in the pattern; though you could use the charts for many other shape variations on square or circular.

The pattern purports to be a snowflake, with the arms and spacing at fibonacci intervals and lengths.

I'd guess 1500 hundred yardss of fingering on 5 mm needles.

File attached.

FROSTED.pdf61.72 KB


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Totally in awe!

Totally in awe!

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You have lace patterns

You have lace patterns forming on your windshield? Damn, you lace people are just a little bit *out there*.

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Anything is possible in

Anything is possible in Y-space when you are talking lace.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation