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Ok so I am getting ready to start knitting for next winter, (this will be the first time I do charity knitting, every year I do crochet because I'm much faster at it) to send off hats and scarfs to the area of Romania when I had once hoped to live. I really want a simple hat pattern, something like the hat found here I'm not really too keen on buying a pattern since this is probably going to cost me a small fortune when it comes to shipping. Any ideas? Unfortunately when I went back to get this pattern it was no longer free :/
For now I'm keeping my eyes out for really good yarn sales. I'm hoping to make 25 sets of hats and scarfs before the next winter starts, wish me luck!


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You've probably got your

You've probably got your pattern already with all of these great ideas, but I thought I'd throw this site into the ring as well:

Here's her intro to the page-

"Ever wish you could find a hat pattern that's easy enough for beginning knitters (no need for a gauge swatch!), yet looks great, functions well, shows off handspun yarns beautifully, and fits without lots of fiddly measurements?"

Enjoy :)

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Thanks! I think what I'm

Thanks! I think what I'm going to do is try a couple of these, and just do the easiest one in multiples :)

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Try here, I have found a few

Try here, I have found a few useful patters here:

Happy Knitting!!!

The "techknitting" blog site

The "techknitting" blog site has extremely detailed and well illustrated instructions for making a "pocket hat". Good luck! -- Dan (a fellow Michigander about to freeze his butt off when he goes outside).

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Thanks Lars, I'll give this

Thanks Lars, I'll give this a go, I think I killed all brain cells I had left (well the one) doing the sock pattern, math is hard!

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especially when the matching

especially when the matching scarf is still free :/ I might break down and buy the pattern, so far I like it the best, but damned I really hate to do it. I had it on the old HD before it decided to go belly up.

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It always surprises me when

It always surprises me when someone goes from giving something away to selling it.

Here are a few more options that are still free (for the moment):

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yeah - especially when it's

yeah - especially when it's something that appears to be a basic stocking knit hat with a turned up ribbed brim. Yes - I'm sure she ut some effort into the design -'s no koolhaus

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How about something like

How about something like this, but without the cables?

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Have a look at this pattern:

Have a look at this pattern: