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I just finished this felted satchel/man swag from a pattern I downloaded from knitty.com. I decided to add the blanket stitch to give the edges a finished look. Fun project....now what?


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Your satchel is beautiful!

Your satchel is beautiful! I'm going to get the pattern tonight. Great idea with the blanket stitch.

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I agree. The blanket

I agree. The blanket stitching certainly makes this a a beautiful bag. Great knitting.

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I am so glad to see your

I am so glad to see your version of it. I saw this on Knitty a while ago and wasn't very fond of it, but now seeing yours, I think this may be something I need to make.


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I like it, too. Are you

I like it, too. Are you finding it handy?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I like the color combinatio a lot, you did a great job with the felting!