Bad Night for Knitting

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Ever had one of those nights where you just really shouldn't have even started knitting? Well, I just had one. I started on the front of a cardigan sweater and I messed up on ever other row. I ended up frogging back twice in the space of 4 rows! I decided to put that down and pick up another cardigan I am crocheting. I am working on the decreases on the neck and realized somewhere I had misread the pattern and was about 8 stitches to short. Well, I ripped that one back. I then decided to post my woes here and managed to spill my beer all over the keyboard as I reached for the mouse! That's 3 strikes (not to mention alcohol abuse) and I am out for the evening. Hope y'all have a more productive evening and I'll see you after I get a new keyboard.


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Ughhh Last time that

Last time that happened to me i was finishing one of the Habitat Hats from Jared Flood. I was near the end doing decreases in the middle of all those cables and dropped a few stitches and couldn't figure it out. I ended up throwing the entire hat out and starting over.
Oh well.

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Perhaps the moon was

Perhaps the moon was affecting us adversely last night?

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It should only have effects

It should only have effects on were-knitters.

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what would a were-knitter

what would a were-knitter look like? Would we be covered in multi-colored roving? Kinda like dreads, but all soft and with pretty colors? Would we sprout knitting needles from our fingertips?

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We'd either frow sheep hair

We'd either frow sheep hair instead of wolf hair, or we would grow fur made out of crappy novelty yarns.

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Like Thomabulus -- it was

Like Thomabulus -- it was the decreases of a hat -- NIGHTMARE.
Was just knitting away.... suddenly couldn't remember where I was --
what row? Was this a decrease row or just a knit row? ARGH!

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I had one of those nights

I had one of those nights myself last night! I was working on the decreases of a hat, and for some reason I kept forgetting one of the decreases... I had to tink back an entire round once, and then after that I had to pull out about 5 rows... I realized after that that it was time to quit for the night.

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yup - one tiny goof is a

yup - one tiny goof is a design element - two is irratating, three is time to take a break or quit.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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excuse me but I think that 3

excuse me but I think that 3 goofs make a pattern? at least that is how it is in cross stitch :p

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of course! I stand

of course! I stand corrected.

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I can certainly relate to

I can certainly relate to that.

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I hear you. I'm coming off

I hear you. I'm coming off of a bad YEAR for knitting- I started 5 or six sweaters and abandoned them all. I could not seem to be satisfied with anything I was doing. I think things have changed, because I am about 10 inches away from finishing a sweater. It's a simple sweater, but the fact that I am going to finish this one is big. Will post pictures when I am done.