Just shy of a full sweater

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I began this wishbone pullover sweater a few years back (from Irresistible knits). Just as I was finishing the last piece I realized that I would be short yarn. I checked with Knit Picks to purchase one skein but found that it has been discontinued. I am still looking. I need one, even a partial skein, of Decadence 100% Alpaca in Chocolate. Can anyone help me out?


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Hope you find some yarn, to

Hope you find some yarn, to finish your amazing sweater. Good Luck

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How frustrating! Hope you

How frustrating! Hope you find it. And great job on the sweater so far!

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Ravelry? Wade...if you're on

Wade...if you're on Ravelry...try there...people have had very good luck finding yarn there...

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Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice. Never heard of Ravelry...I'll check it out.

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