my new projet

Hi everybody,

Here's a shot of my new projet.


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Wonderful! That's the next

Wonderful! That's the next skill I want to learn.



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where did you get that

where did you get that pattern (is it your own chart?)

gorgeous... can't wait to see it finished :)


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yes - the design is great -

yes - the design is great - love the way everything keys into each other rather then being isolated elements. Almost escher-ish.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Great stranded work, great

Great stranded work, great design and colours.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog My

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog My friend you need to resize your picture, the beautiful picture you posted it is too big for the page. Great work by the way!

One thing for sure you have fantastic tension for that kind of work!

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Wow ... I haven't tried

Wow ... I haven't tried doing 2 colours... I'm impressed... but I will wait until my skills are better ... I have to learn how to follow written instructions... yes that's my biggest problem... I'd like to do something like you've done some day ... but I can see it won't be some time soon. I do have a very even knit ... much like yours but ... I am still very new at all this and have an enormous list of things to do... or want to do. You sweater is so even it is like a Turkish carpet... that's meant to be a compliment...

Well done

Istanbul, Turkey

thank no it is a sweater

no it is a sweater

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Awesome. I love the color

Awesome. I love the color work.

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