My Bday plans

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why is it so hard to find people to go away for my bday with...

I wanna go to vegas and I founf SO many hotels less than $100 a night in the middle of the strip (ballys was 70, Ceasears was 80)

my bday falls on a wednesday (feb 18) this year so flights and hotels are sooooo cheap...

but i think i might have to go alone :-(


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Yay Birthdays! My 21st is in

Yay Birthdays! My 21st is in 7 days...Jan 18th. I wish I could go to Vegas for mine, but that's def not going to be afforded. Maybe a trip to Atlanta will be in order.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Happy Birthday, Love your new Hair these days!

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So Sad!!! But I be here

So Sad!!! But I be here cheer for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Krystofer!!!!!