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Arrived today from Scotland, this is Donnegal Silk Tweed yarn in Cobalt from the New Lanark yarn mill that Britisher posted about some time ago. It's 90% wool, 10 % silk, is soft and beautifully tweedy. This is their aran weight. It comes in 100 gram (3.75 oz) balls at GBP 2.95 per ball. At today's exchange rate this is $4.48. With shipping from Scotland to Maine this works out to $6.27 per ball- less than I would pay at my lys for a yarn of similar quality. This yarn is destined to become a sweater once I decide on a design and figure out if I am serious about changing my eating habits *groan*. Thanks, Britisher, for the tip.

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Very beautiful yarn. As you

Very beautiful yarn. As you probably know by now, daveballarat and I live in the land of acrylic, and yes, I'm sorry to say that Turkey is the culprit that fills the shelves in the states with all of that acrylic yarn. We are #2 in textile exports, only after China. Sorry bout that! But I now think I'll definately try ordering yarn online and see how it goes. Some things seem to fly through the postal process here while others get caught up in red tape and taxes. Who knows, it may be as simple as using my credit card and waiting for the goodies to arrive.

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What a heavenly looking

What a heavenly looking yarn! It will make a wonderful sweater.

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How much does it cost to

How much does it cost to have wool shipped usually... round figures... here in Turkey the choice of wool is limited to lots of acrylic and a few wool blends. As I am only new to all this I was wondering what it costs to ship stuff. In your case, how much did the wool and shipping cost?
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The website gives post &

The website gives post & packing on 10 balls DK to Europe as 4.10GBP and rest of world as 6.65GBP. I'm not sure if Turkey is yet classed as part of this grotesque economic landmass known as Europe.

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The yarn cost $54.00 for

The yarn cost $54.00 for twelve balls, and the shipping was $22.00.

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Albert, I made a sweater of

Albert, I made a sweater of this in the dk weight and I really like it. When I bought it is was half the price that it is today. I don't know why they doubled their prices. The wool wears well and I know you will be pleased with it. And don't change your eating habits. Just make some short rows across the front to make a little pouch for your belly.

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Ah, but those $hort row$

Ah, but those $hort row$ require yarn! How long ago did you buy it? Heaven knows what goes into the pricing!

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I bought it about a year

I bought it about a year ago. However, it is worth double the price.

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Absolutly Fabulous, Don't

Absolutly Fabulous, Don't worry about the eating habits!!! Dive in and ENJOY!!!
Man enough to knit, Strong enough to purl!!!... Does a bear knit in the woods???

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Absolutly Beautiful,

Absolutly Beautiful, ENJOY!!![img_assist|nid=7730|title=NewfieKnitter|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=150]

Man enough to knit, Strong enough to purl!!!... Does a bear knit in the woods???

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Very nice. I really like

Very nice. I really like that color.

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Oooooh, deliciously

Oooooh, deliciously lustrous. Were I not on a yarn diet... but then, maybe it's just the thing for some of the sweater patterns I've been drooling over.

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This yarn is fat-free,

This yarn is fat-free, induge!

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omg omg omg, I am sooooo

omg omg omg, I am sooooo tempted!!! but I'm saving to go to Germany in the spring. but but but it's not expensive, and it would make a wonderful sweater and I'm so jealous! can't wait to see what you do with it. It looks deliciously soft.

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I know, that's what I went

I know, that's what I went through; but I finally broke down and ordered- life is short.