Scarf Exchange

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Here is the Scarf that was knit for me. Along with the goodies that were sent also. two scarf kits with the yarn to make both of the scarfs, a book and my scarf that he made for me out of alpaca, green with some tan flexs in the yarn, three cables in the scarf, very nice and very warm on these cold snowy wintery days here in Michigan. Thank you Eric aka mwk-Houston!
Barry-Kilted Knitter


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Dang!!! You lucky dude. A

Dang!!! You lucky dude. A beautiful scarf, and yarn and pattern to make some for those you love. You are blessed, brother.

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Beautiful! Lucky you!


Lucky you!

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Cripes! You made out like a

Cripes! You made out like a bandit- feel the envy waves coming through your monitor!