Tuck's Newest Sweater

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After finishing up my Japanese Vogue sweater, I decided to use the leftovers plus a contrast color I also had left over in stash to make Tuck another sweater.


One of the problems I've had with his other sweaters is that the neck tends to slip down over his shoulders, which are super-broad. I addressed that by making the neck a lot longer and by edging all the openings with I-cord, which is less distensible and helps to hold the edges in. It does slip down a little, but the I-cord works really well for its intended purpose, so I think I'll be using that little trick again in the future.

Aside from that, it's primarily 3x2 rib, except for the center back panel, where I worked the cable chart from Samus. Nobody can accuse him of not being stylish.


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I don't have a dog, but if

I don't have a dog, but if I did, I would knit a ton of sweaters for it. I think they look so cute in them. well, little dogs do, our neighbor has a st. bernard who she crocheted a sweater for, with a xmas tree, in primary green and red, using some weird sparkling yarn for ornaments, you can just tell, the dog is begging someone to put him out of his misery.

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Sweaters should only be put

Sweaters should only be put on dogs who really need them. St. Bernards are not one of those breeds. Tuck has a really short coat, so he's miserable in winter without a sweater.

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I'm always frustrated

I'm always frustrated because I don't get to see the pictures at work....But He certainly does look suave in his new sweater!

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He's the handsomest doggy

He's the handsomest doggy you ever did see. Better keep a close eye on him the next time you take him to the dog park, he's sure to make all the other dogs swoon.


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Great sweater, Tuck looks so

Great sweater, Tuck looks so stylish!