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I just wanted to share what I've been working on lately.  The first is my 17-years-or-so-in-the-making cable sweater.  After having knit only simple garter stitch, with a yarn-over and two knit stitch border dishrags as a boy, this sweater was the very first thing I started on as an adult.  That was when I was about 25 or so.  I've got the back, one sleeve, and now a lot of the front completed.  My goal is to have it completed by this fall. Check out the 80s hair!  Smile

The other project I'm working on is a sweater sampler.  It comes from the book "The Sweater Workshop, 2nd Edition" by Jacqueline Fee.  She generously credits Elizabeth Zimmerman for the ideas.  Basically, she teaches you how to make a sweater of your own design with your own yarn and needle choices in the round so you have to sew very few seams.  The sweater sampler is probably too basic for most of you guys, but I have learned how to do short rows, add a sweatshirt pocket very easily, a twisted ribbing, the cable cast-on, two-colors at a time, and several more techniques are coming up.  David has already picked out a hooded sweater he wants me to make him!  You could probably do a much smaller sampler just working through the techniques you don't already know.  I've found myself going out of my mind on some of the endless rounds of stockinette stitch. 

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Hi Warren,Cables are fun

Hi Warren,

Cables are fun aren't they? It will be great garment when finished. Don't worry about the odd st that should be purl or knit etc. I have a friend who deliberately made such an error, ususally on the back, with every project she knitted and called it her 'signature'.

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Jesse and Jeff, I think you

Jesse and Jeff,

 I think you guys will really enjoy the book!  I have learned a lot; because of the two-color knitting (which I hadn't done yet when I took the photo) I've even dabbled with the continental style.  I'm not good at it, but if I could ever learn a yarn hold that works for me, I can see that it would be MUCH faster than the American style.

As for the sweater, Jesse, I really appreciate your compliment.  I look at the sweater now and I see some of the mistakes that I made and have to laugh a bit.  As a newbie, I can see I wasn't too concerned about having some purls where some knits should have gone or vice versa!  Now, there's no way I would let that stand.  Of course, for this sweater, I'm not going to rip out over a foot of knitting to correct that.  I'll call it the "uniqueness" of my sweater.  

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Beautiful sweater!  I

Beautiful sweater!  I love all the cables.  As for the book, I've ordered it and am waiting for it to arrive.  Thanks for the recommendation. 

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Warren,  Did you know I


 Did you know I have the exact same sweater?????  Yep, they are exact in the way that they have been totally unfininshed for years! 

It's good looking.


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Hey Chris, what is your

Hey Chris, what is your totally unfinished sweater like?  I'm wondering what causes other people to have a project become a UFO.  For me, I think I was into the knitting for awhile, then I either got bored with it and/or let the hectic rush of life and the corporate world lead me to a "I don't have time for this" mentality.  I'm REALLY happy to have rediscovered my knitting.  Now that I'm a massage therapist and out of the corporate rat race, I no longer have the "I don't have time" excuse!

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Warren, My UFO was, and


My UFO was, and still is, a top-down knit sweater that I really like.  When I started it I was still, and probably still am, a pretty green knitter.  The sleaves came out uneven and I didn't want to frog it.  But I'm over that now.  I really am going to finish it off some day.

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I love the sampler!  Thanks

I love the sampler!  Thanks for the book recommendation, that sounds like just what I'm looking for!

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