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A guest from Canada is wearing a new sweater I designed and knit for myself. The wool is local and is from Patzcuaro - a small town near Morelia. It costs about $10 a kilo. It knits up a lot like the wool from Iceland and I used 5mm needles. It was knit from the top down and steeked up the front. I used crochet to secure the steek but wonder if it was really necessary. It does neaten up the edges. I have to take off my glasses to read now so I designed the sweater with a breast pocket. Quite handy. I used Shetland wool for the hems and pockets.

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Just noticed this part of

Just noticed this part of the post:
The wool is local and is from Patzcuaro - a small town near Morelia. It costs about $10 a kilo


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Nice Job on the sweater. To

Nice Job on the sweater. To do the ribbing thing that Thinman asked about if you are going up from the bottom you can do a provisional cast on and then go back and knit the inside. I love the Elizabeth Z afterthought pockets. The jacket looks wonderful. You must really be happy.

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Very smart looking cardigan.

Very smart looking cardigan.

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Your sweater is beautiful!

Your sweater is beautiful! I am working on my first cardigan with pockets and have a couple of questions. How did you handle the ribbing? My instructions say to knit an inch and then cast off, but I was thinking of doubling that and folding it over for a stronger and more professional look. Also, is there a trick to sewing the pocket flaps to the wrong side of the garment?

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I actually didn't do a

I actually didn't do a ribbing. I just purled a row when I reached the right length at the bottom and then knitted a round of K 9, k 2 tog. I switched to a thin Shetland wool and finished the hem of about an inch and a half so that it wouldn't be so bulky. When I was knitting the sweater, I did Elizabeth Zimmermann's thumb trick for the pockets. I used the same Shetland wool and knit a lining and then just sewed it to the inside of the sweater catching a half stitch with a sharp needle.

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Incredible!! That is a

Incredible!! That is a beautiful sweater! Now I am feeling like a loser for making my six pound Chihuahua a sweater that took 3 hours! But, am new to knitting still with my hats & scarves. Maybe within the decade I can graduate up to your sweater!

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A sweater is definitely not

A sweater is definitely not more difficult to make than a hat or a scarf - it might take longer. This whole sweater was made with a bunch of knit stitches and a few purl stitches.

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Beautifully done! You used

Beautifully done! You used two different yarns? I can't see this in the photo. What kind of buttons are these? Is this local wool, mill or handspun, and what breed of sheep? Don't intend an interrogation, but I am fascinated.

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The Shetland Wool was used

The Shetland Wool was used for the hems and the pocket linings so you can't see it. The buttons are wooden ones made here in Morelia. The wool is hand spun but not plied and I have no idea what breed of sheep they are. Lucky I would think to escape slaughter as most are for the barbacoa which everyone here likes. I know the wool is not dyed.

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I love the drape of the

I love the drape of the knitted fabric...it looks perfect for this jacket.

Beautiful sweater - I have

Beautiful sweater - I have got to learn top down knitting. I love the glasses pocket idea. I take my glasses off a lot too and spend a lot of time looking for my glasses..."Honey have you seen my glasses??!!" lol

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Very nice jacket Ron. Sounds

Very nice jacket Ron. Sounds like a bargain price.

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Very nice! That would make

Very nice! That would make an excellent spring/fall jacket.