FO - Lace Pillow

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I got the idea for this from Barbara Walker's "A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns" (see page 127). The lace pattern is number 33 on page 117. The yarn is some alpaca that Matt brought back for me from a trip to Peru. He picked it up in one of the markets and there's no label or anything. I also made the pillow from scratch on Matt's sewing machine.

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Wow, I like! Bring it when

Wow, I like! Bring it when we meet. You did nicely with sewing too. I like the swatch idea as well. That Barbara Walker (I did not know there was a #4)!

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Oh, that's beautiful, I want

Oh, that's beautiful, I want to take a nap with it!


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Making a pillow is a good

Making a pillow is a good way to make a gauge swatch, and make something useful out of it! You can try out patterns, and decide if you want to do more of it, or to test out colour combinations. Even if knit too loose, you can still make it into a pillow top with a contrast backing fabric. And what a great gift! Everyone needs pillows.

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Awesome! I totally agree

Awesome! I totally agree with Thomas, I want to make pillows now.

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Awesome...I wanna make a

Awesome...I wanna make a pillow now.

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Looks great!

Looks great!