Japanese Vogue Sweater

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I cast off last night and am pleased with the outcome (though I definitely need to lose some weight so I can look svelter in this). I've posted the details previously, but the pattern in the book is simply labeled "Raglan Sweater". It's not a complicated pattern, being primarily stockinette, but the cabled rib front panel provides nice visual interest. I could have stood to make the sleeves a little longer for my simian arms, as it turns out, but I'm pretty okay with the length.




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That color is beautiful.

That color is beautiful. What yarn did you use?

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It's Cascade 220 heathers. I

It's Cascade 220 heathers. I had enough left over to make my dog a sweater, too, though I'm making his a bit fancier.

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Beautiful sweater, wonderful

Beautiful sweater, wonderful color. Looks great on you too. I also have to mention how much I love the little puppy icon. He/she is so sweet!

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Beautiful sweater! The color

Beautiful sweater! The color is great.

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I think it looks great on

I think it looks great on you. I love the color and the cables.