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Back in November 2005 I posted that I was working on getting my website online.  Well seven months later it is finally here.  Check out :-)




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 Hey guys,  thanks so much

 Hey guys,  thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my site.  Yes I put a lot of time into it and navigation was one of the things I tried focusing on the most.  I too hate going to a website that is difficult to navigate.  Everyone keeps asking me where's the candles at lol... well they are going to be listed soon.... I was very anxious to get the site up after working on it for so long that I haven't exactly gotten around to putting everything I have for sale in the shopping cart.  I'm so glad you guys like my site and I love your comments.  Thank you so much :)


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PS... if you don't mind,

PS... if you don't mind, when you get it up and running would you mind if I link to you?


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David,  From what I have


 From what I have seen... and have seen a lot of websites... it IS! layed out really well.  From the look of it I can navigate without any annoyance at all.  Good job and a good amount of time well spent. 

I hate freaking worthless sites that click everywhere and say nothing. Good clean look with a lot of info.



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congrats on the new

congrats on the new business!!! 

Great site!  Diggin the

Great site!  Diggin the candles.  Didn't see any listed in the inventory.  Probably just missed them.  the cam is great too.  Good job.