Celestine Shawl

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Joe, it's beautiful. How

Joe, it's beautiful. How much of the yarn did it require?

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Thanks Aaron...it took about

Thanks Aaron...it took about 1600 yards of quite fine laceweight yarn on US3 (3.25 mm) needles.

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Speechless, Seriously...

Speechless, Seriously... incredible job...

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Joe - this is your design,

Joe - this is your design, correct? and the pattern is available from ?????

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I have to admit, the pattern

I have to admit, the pattern is nothing extraordinary...it really is the fiber and the color of the yarn that is spectacular.

The pattern design is mine and I actually wrote it up so I could sell it on The Knitting Vault:


The yarn is a fine laceweight kid alpaca from Briar Rose Fibers (her stuff is fantastic) called Angel Face:


I have two huge hanks of this stuff at home in dark manly colors that I hope to make a man's lace shawl from.

Thanks guys...it's always amazing to get kudos from the talented guys here.

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Wow.... lost for words...

Wow.... lost for words... bloody impressive

Istanbul, Turkey

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Very nice work there

Very nice work there man....just phenomenal

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This is

This is Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!