Heading home ... 2 days flying to get there ... stay a week and turn back

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Am flying out of Istanbul tomorrow morning. It will be freezing ... well... all things relative... I know in Canada it is quite chilly there at the moment... here it is wet... no snow yet.
I'll be flying out of near 0 degrees and flying in to Singapore at 31 degrees then the following day flying in to Melbourne at what I am hoping will be about 35 degree heat.
Yes I'm looking forward to seeing the family, as I only see them once a year. I will also be doing lots of shopping for knitting books and maybe even some wool. The wool here is crap. Well, I'm at the outskirts of Istanbul and everything is acrylic and there is a little wool blending going on. Alpaca etc... never heard of here... so while at home will buy up big on the merino wool and alpaca...
Am a little disappointed I didn't get my jumper/sweater finished on time. I had hoped that I'd be able to wear it to school of Friday. The ladies are intrigued... a guy who knits, they are looking forward to seeing it. I tried asking for advice on seams but ... they are no better at knitting than me... which isn't saying much really.
Susanna my assistant at work has her mum coming out from Sweden and apparently she is wonderful at knitting... will grab her... well that is if she will be still here in Istanbul by the time I get back. I hope so... but then again, by then Rick will be back from Nebraska and ... he's top when it comes to figuring out what should and shouldn't be happening. He'll put me right...
...Rick, I've really missed you... and will miss the New Year party with the boys... but next year I'll make it... this will be the last time for me to do New Year at home... drinking champagne on my parents' balcony with my aunt
(she's like my older sister really) watching the fireworks go off around Port Phillip Bay... it is spectacular but ... I need a change. A party with the boys sounds like lots more fun :)
Well time for me to stop rambling and get to bed... after walking the dog... and packing...hmmm ... well maybe bed is still a little way off...
not looking forward to tomorrow... dumping my dog at the local vets, so he will be looked after for the 2 weeks that I am gone... and then a mad dash of many hours to the airport at the other end of the city... in the rain... oh well... it will be 35 degrees at the other end... in a few days time... can't wait :)


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We have a friend (American -

We have a friend (American - originally from Nebraska) teaching in Istanbul who says it doesn't feel like Christmas for the opposite reason. It's too warm! Hope you have a wonderful visit with family.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

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Wow ... another Nebraskan in

Wow ... another Nebraskan in istanbul ... I know 2 others living there ... but they're not teaching... where is your friend teaching?
I have been extremely anxious about this trip ... not sure what has made me so anxious... but now I am 1/3 oth way home I feel fine.... I booked the tickets... and had an interuption half way through the process... and got back to booking them a month later ... so was worried that I might have fucked up ... but so far so good...I have a lot of luggage in Singapore that I hope to collect and carry to Melbourne ... I think that is the source ...am worried that I will only be able to carry a fraction of my stuff... and what to do with the rest ... well ... I will know in 8 hours if I had good cause to worry.

Hey is that your dog? He's cute. I have a mini schnauzer in Istanbul, staying at a vet clinic there until my return. I feel terrible... I took him there this morning and he was fine until I got him out of his carrier and he realised where he was and started shaking... he knew instantly I would be gone a while. Poor little bugger. Your dog as a lovely sweater ... I will need to knit one for my boy on my return. While gone ... oh shit... I forgot to remind them ... shit, shit shit... they are meant to groom him. Maybe my oversight is not so bad. It just means he will be groomed a week or so later ... time enough to make a sweater for him... schnauzer cuts look stylish but are not practical for winter... when I walk him, his feel flick up the water on the road. And he will have his back cropped short... so his kidneys will get cold... who ever thought of this design was obviously not a practical person.

Anyway, have a great Christmas. Mine will be... I only get to see my family once a year... at Christmas... and it is intense and wonderful.

Travel safely if you do travel over the festive season,

Istanbul, Turkey

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Hvae a happy Christmas,

Hvae a happy Christmas, Dave.

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Thanks Kerry, you too. You

Thanks Kerry, you too.

You doing anything special?

While at home I am going to buy up big on knitting stuff... and hit the beach ... and catch up with a past flame... he will be in Melbourne over the break, he's from Singapore, actually I will be staying over at his place tonight...when I get there ... am currently in transit in Dubai, sharing his bed... then we meet again in Melbourne a few days later.

I can't wait until I get home. Mum and Dad visited me last May, not seen anyone since last Christmas. Oh got to go... they're calling my row.

Take care over the festive period,
Istanbul, Turkey