Socks for Christmas

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Every year for Christmas I make my Mom some really warm comfortable socks. This year I went with a plain Cable sock that I found on Ravelry. I just finished the first one! On to the Second. I used Patons Kroll Sock Yarn and size 3 DPN's. Do you all like to knit this way, one at a time, or use Circular knitting needles and do the socks at the same time so they match?









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The socks look wonderful,

The socks look wonderful, and a terrific knitting of the pattern.

When I knit socks, it is done on DPN's. Rather than knitting one at a time, I knit both on separate sets of 5 needles. Quick explanation on it is that I knit one to a particular point, stop, and then knit the second sock to the same point, and repeat the process.

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I was going to make a

I was going to make a comment about the sexy leg hair...but the socks are very nice too. I am making a pair with a similar pattern as soon as I get done with all my christmas stuff.

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hehehe, I was actually going

hehehe, I was actually going to show more leg, but I thought it'd be a distraction ;-). I find one of my greatest attributes are my legs...LOL...

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Same here...thank you figure

Same here...thank you figure skating.
It definitely would've been a distraction to show more leg, but on the other hand, showing less just creates curiosity.

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Beautiful socks! I'm sure

Beautiful socks! I'm sure your mom will love them. I have used DP's and the magic loop method but my favorite is 9" circular needles. I've never tried 2 at a time. I'm currently working on a pair using size 0 9" circulars, I'll post a pic when completed.


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funny, the color of the yarn

funny, the color of the yarn in the picture is way reality it's a nice light this picture it's a dull gray.

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Very cool sock. I've learned

Very cool sock. I've learned all the methods of sock knitting; DPNs, 2 circulars, Magic Loops and Two Socks on 1 Circular. I'm good at DPNs and get good results, Magic Loop is my preferred method. When I tried 2 at Once it seemed like all I was doing was untangling my yarn. So it's usually Magic Loop, although right now I have 3 pairs of sock in the works and one pair is on DPNs.

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Cool sock...what's the name

Cool sock...what's the name of the pattern, so I can find it on Ravelry... I like when a sock pattern makes a cable go seemlessly to the rest of the pattern. I make socks one-at-a-time because I use DPNs. Usually I do toe-up socks though...

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the sock is in my ravelry

the sock is in my ravelry profile with a link to the free pattern... I've never worked toe up socks...I'll have to try it one day and see if I like it.

I'm just scared I wouldn't be able to figure out the gusset properly

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If you use short rows, you

If you use short rows, you don't necessarily have to do gusset increases or decreases...Or if you do them, you just do the same amount before and after you work the short-row heel. The main reason I like doing them toe-up is because I like how a short-row toe looks.