Weave-It Vintage Sweater with Knitted Neckband/Cuffs/Waistband - Completed December 14, 2008

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This was a lot of fun and is actually wearable. The sleeve cap is a bit funky, but ok. Biggest mistake was not using smaller needles for the ribbing. Here's the pic from the original pattern.

Vintage Weave-It Sweater 00 Vintage Weave-It Sweater 000 VintageWeaveItSweater 008 VintageWeaveItSweater 009


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Books, knitting, cats...Life

Books, knitting, cats...Life is Good. Hi There - I'm new at this group and happened to see your post. I also have a Weave-It Loom set and am in the midst of an afghan for my newest great-grandniece. I think the sweater is fantastic and look forward to new posts on your future projects. Take care - Joe-in Wyoming.

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Thanks. Good luck with your

Thanks. Good luck with your project. I look forward to seeing it. And it's good to know that there is at least one other crazy guy sewing together small squares... Here's several other Weave-it projects I've worked on:

"weave-it" loom throw with knitted edging Weave-It Throw Prayer Rug in process

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Cool projects...kind of like

Cool projects...kind of like quilting?

I am very impressed with the

I am very impressed with the sweater! It looks so great and so well made.

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What great looking sweaters.

What great looking sweaters. They really look great. I can't wait to do a sweater. I hope mine will look as great as yours. Keep up the great work.


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Gee, I hope I didn't mislead

Gee, I hope I didn't mislead anyone. The pics are all of the same sweater, except the b/w one taken from the pattern book.

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Rick, that is a beautiful

Rick, that is a beautiful sweater. You always come up with intersting a different projects. Your mind must be working overtime. Great knitting.

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Thanks, but my brains tend

Thanks, but my brains tend to be more scrambled than anything else.

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Rick- What an AMAZING

Rick- What an AMAZING project; the weaving/knitting combo is fascinating -- and awesome in how well you did it! What is the yarn? I love the color, similar to a yarn I have stashed for a sweater. -John

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Hey, John! Thanks for the

Hey, John! Thanks for the compliments. The yarn is NAKO, Nakolen, 50/50 - yarn I bought before I found the wholesale market. It's not bad, but not great.

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that's AMAZING!!!! ...SUCH

that's AMAZING!!!!

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Thanks. Amazing? Finesse?

Thanks. Amazing? Finesse? Elegant? LOL. I'm just a white-trash guy from a Nebraska farm. Don't think those words really apply. But thanks for the compliment.

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Sorry ... the other pics

Sorry ... the other pics took a while to download... the follow up pics look great! Well done :)

So how are the crocodiles going? Finished them yet ? The quilts going well?

Istanbul, Turkey

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Well done Rick. Great job.

Well done Rick. Great job. It is difficult to see from the pic exactly what you had to do. I think everyone would appreciate your handiwork more if they could see that it was made up of tiny little woven squares. Great job, :)

Hey I am sewing up the seams... no one told me that it takes forever to do... well that is with the dvd going at the same time. My deadline is midnight tonight for it to be completed... I'll come close but really ... I should call it quits and go to bed, usual time. I was so surprised at how long it takes to do the 3 needle bind off on every seam...

Looking forward to catching up with you next year :) keep safe

Istanbul, Turkey

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Rickie - From your

Rickie -

From your "Weave-It" posts in the past, I take it the you weave a bunch of blocks then join them... is that correct?

That sweater looks great! I have only done one item that required "joining" and it was not a pleasurable experience for me. The octagonal afghan you made still sits in my head as a "major piece" and now a "Weave-It" sweater?? I am in awe of your talent in that department.

Really nice work!

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Yup, this sucker is made out

Yup, this sucker is made out of 4x4 and 2x2 squares, individually woven then stitched together. Picking up the stitches for the ribbing was easy on the original edges because the loom pins leave little loops around the edges. Where I needed to make cuts (for the V-neck), I stitched along the raw edges twice with my sewing machine then picked up my stitches. The most time consuming part - weaving in all of the loos ends!

This is my baby brother Jay. Does anybody else see a resemblance to Thor?


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As my sweetheart reads over

As my sweetheart reads over my shoulder... "Ewww, no, you are so much more handsome!"

Not to knock your baby bro, but ain't my hubbie sweet??

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks very nice, you did a great job.

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Nice sweater! Where did you

Nice sweater! Where did you get the pattern?

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Thanks. You can find the

Thanks. You can find the pattern on page two of the Weave-It Book, number 7. The pdf is avaiable here: www.eloomanation.com