Ear piercing and other projects.

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Today I had to doll myself up a little for my piano jury (college final exam performance thingy), so I took the opportunity to put a picture on here of my new ear piercings. I'm real excited about them because they are my first outwardly visible piercings. I also have my nipples pierced and a Prince Albert, but this is obviously not the time or place for pictures of those ;-) It's kind of hard to see in the picture but just in case you wanted to know, the rings are 10 gauge surgical steel CBRs.

In knitting news I'm in the middle of two Christmas projects... a Koolhaas hat (pattern by Jared Flood) and a simple ribbed striped scarf that I'm going to crochet an edge on to cover up the ends hanging out. I also have two more hats to make before Christmas and I have to decide on something to make for my 9 month old niece. I can totally get it all done, right? I think I can I think I can.

There are some new pictures up of projects on my Ravelry page...check 'em out if you'd like :-)


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I have both pierced nipples

I have both pierced nipples (6ga) and a PA (0ga). I can slide a knitting needle thru all of them ( wanted to make sure this post was about knitting)

I said to the almond tree, "Sister, speaker to me of God", and the tree blossomed.

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I'm on 4 ga with the PA and

I'm on 4 ga with the PA and 14 with the nips...not sure what size knitting needles those are.

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Just for fun, since I found

Just for fun, since I found myself wondering.....

US Needle Size = Metric = Piercing Gauges
US1 = 2 ¼ mm = approx 12 g. (2.0 mm)
2 = 2 ¾ mm = approx 10 g. (2.4 mm)
3 = 3 ¼ mm = approx. 8 g. (3.2 mm)
6 = 4 mm = 6 g. (4.0 mm)
8 = 5 mm = 4 g. (5.0 mm)
10 = 6 mm = 3 g. (6.0 mm)
2 g. (7.0 mm)
11 = 8 mm = 0 g (8.0 mm)
15 = 10 mm = 00 g. (10 mm)

Personally, I can't imagine a US15 needle stuck through anything... Or a US11, for that matter...

Grace and Peace,

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Awesome. -Thomas


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I just checked...the 2ga PA

I just checked...the 2ga PA I wear is a US10.5 needle....LOL

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ahh the days when I took

ahh the days when I took exams at the Wiener Musik Hochschule....so why did you pick June?? December would have been appropriate and it's a charming little melody.
As for piercings...I don't have any, nor do I want any, I am happy with the holes I came with and that should be enough, though of course I have nothing against piercings, sometimes they even look sexy on a guy....anyway, congrats, and who knows, one day we might work together!

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Wow...I might one day move

Wow...I might one day move to Germany or close by. Seems like there's more support for the arts than in the US from what I've heard in my german class etc.
June was just what I had music for at the time, and I really like the piece too, but my Debussy was my favorite of the ones I played...though Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite composers, so I'm sure I'll be acquiring a copy of all the seasons...and playing them too.
I'm glad you're happy with the holes you came with...you look good with them :-) but I bet you'd look just as good with piercings to...

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Tchaikovsky certainly is

Tchaikovsky certainly is amongst my favourite composers, and I've loved the Seasons ever since I heard Ashkenazy perform them live, the man is an absolute genius!

And thanks for the compliment, you look good too....with or without piercings, though I will admit the PA sounds ehh...interesting

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Hi there ... I have a

Hi there ... I have a background in music too... as part of my teaching degree... a double major, then went on to a Grad Dip of Music... but have left it... generalist teacher now but specialising in language, computers and music... it's my ticket to teaching around the world.
Unfortunately, a long time ago I fucked my vocal chords, had them inflamed and flapping like sheets in the breeze for a week. I've never gone back to singing after that...
As for the piercings... I love them, on others... nipple piercings under a business shirt flips my switch every time... I'm afraid I get too much pleasure out of having my nipples sucked to tamper with them. I'm with the other guy... I have tattoos instead :).... doesn't a PA make most things rather messy??? Sorry for such a basic question but always wanted to know.
Istanbul, Turkey

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You can still have your

You can still have your nipples sucked with piercings...It just feels that much better with the extra sensation. As far as a PA making things messy? Do you mean when I piss? You've maybe heard that guys with PAs have to pee sitting down? Nah, I can pee in a urinal (careful not to let it dribble, but it's not too bad) and in general I pee standing up. At home, when I know the cleanliness of my toilet seat, I tend to sit down just because it's easier. Otherwise...I will say that the PA feels amazing during certain unmentionable activities ;-)
Does that answer your question?
How did you fuck up your vocal chords? That's one of my concerns myself.

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... and exhale... Congrats

... and exhale... Congrats on surviving!

Juries were always so nerve wracking... mostly listening to the Vocal Performance majors who were freaked 'cause they were under-prepared.
I enjoyed the strategy of it too... 'ok, if I offer French and English arias, then they' re sure to pick the Italian...'

Have a great one... Cheers ~ Rob

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I love singing in Italian,

I love singing in Italian, but I would choose French or English over Italian any day. I'm going to be adding a voice minor to my music ed and math majors.

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Voice major here ... but

Voice major here ... but that was many years ago.

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I finished my Koolhaas!

I finished my Koolhaas! Pictures are up on Ravelry!

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Looking good! Of course

Looking good! Of course you'll get all your projects done, don't we always? What's a Prince Albert? I've heard of Prince Albert in a can, and as far as I know he's still there. I can't imagine sitting in front of a piano jury- I would just plead guilty!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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its a piercing, um...down

its a piercing, um...down there....you know....down....down....starts with a P ends with a enis. LOL

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Hmmm, could make for an

Hmmm, could make for an interesting trip through the metal detector at an airport.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Well I just got done with my

Well I just got done with my exam...it was rather nerve-wracking. Playing 5 piano pieces memorized with an audience of only the four piano faculty...who are grading you on the performance. I'm pretty used to performing, but this was different...an adrenaline rush 2nd only to getting my PA :-)
I played 2 Bach Inventions...#6 and #14, I played "Knight Rupert" by Schumann, June from the Seasons by Tchaikovsky, and Sarabande from Pour le Piano by Debussy. I messed up a few times, but they weren't too bad. Now all that's left is my Abstract Algebra exam and my German exam...

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It was just a jury, don't

It was just a jury, don't worry. They understand about nerves. My first (choral) jury was an unmidigated disaster...but they let me redo it. The fun part of being me is that I know exactly what pieces you listed, and all the piercings too. I have not yet had the guts for some of them, I get tattoos instead.

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Welcome to MWK, you've given

Welcome to MWK, you've given us lots of information but nothing about your exam.

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I think the hoops suit ya...

I think the hoops suit ya... How'd the jury go? What did you play?

Grace and Peace,