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I've had this hankering to try some bead knitting. Any recommendations on books, kits, patterns??? Or plain ole advice will do.




I recently had a hankering

I recently had a hankering for beaded knitting, too... Here's what I did:

There's an AWESOME free pattern for various knitted holiday patterns, including the coolest cabled globe ornament ever! (can be found at I just strung on 90 beads and knitted one into each "knit through the back loop" on every odd numbered row. I mean, the pattern only has 30 rows, so ou could very easily do it in an hour or so!

I made a few of these, and they turned out SO well! I'll try to post pics soon!

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Thanks for the book

Thanks for the book recommendation. Do you have URL for video?

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I would HIGHLY recommend the

I would HIGHLY recommend the book "Knit and Crochet with Beads" by Lily Chin. She shows all of the different methods of knitting with beads. There are about 5 different methods iirc. There is one sample in the book that I knit. Not to brag but it is the most difficult method and the least used but the most incredible results. This was the method used in the Victorian era to knit the incredible pictorial beaded bags that are now worth a small fortune. Hope this helps.

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there's a video on line on

there's a video on line on how to string beads onto dental floss instead of onto the yarn. then you transfer them as needed onto loop where you want it