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Due to the fact that it is now finals week at the University of Georgia, and also because I'm lazy...I probably won't be getting any pictures of previous projects up on this blog anytime soon. If you have a Ravelry account, you can find pictures of some of my previous projects on my ravelry page...I'm also 'thomabulous' on should visit it and put 'favorites' on the ones you like :-)

I will (try) to post a picture of my koolhaas hat that is in progress now. It's almost finished, only the decrease rounds left now. It's slow work...with the constant cabling and the annoyance of all the knit stitches being knit through the back loop to twist them.

In other news, I'm excited about having gotten my ears pierced this past Saturday. It's been a long time coming.

I'm curious as to the percentage of gay vs straight vs bi etc. guy that are on this site. I'm sure the ratio has got to favor us gays right?

[img_assist|nid=7443|title=Koolhaas hat|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=200|height=150]


Welcome back. The hat looks

Welcome back. The hat looks great.

Not that it should matter, but while I think the majority of men are gay here, we have a significant straight population. Sometimes I think we tend to forget that.

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You're right. It is easy to

You're right. It is easy to assume that a guy who knits must be gay, but that is far from true. I think it's nice for me, though, to find a group in which gay is the majority. It doesn't happen often.

It is a nice feeling to know

It is a nice feeling to know you are among others who accept you whether regardless. Kind of feels safe.

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There are some gay here,

There are some gay here, some straight, some women, and one Klingon.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Do I spy Harmony Wood

Do I spy Harmony Wood DPNs??? What kind of spoiled brat little college student can afford to knit on such luxurious needles?? What, er... Me? Moi?? Jealous? Hah, I say! Pa-shah!

As for earrings... college student or no college student... go for DIAMONDS! The bigger the better. They are all at once classic yet modern, elegant but hip... and never go out of style. The perfect addition to your Holiday Wish List!!

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The harmony wood dpns were

The harmony wood dpns were actually just about the same price as any others I've found...and who can resist the colors? Lord knows I'm not a spoiled brat college are def out of the question.

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I've been through phases

I've been through phases with the earrings. For the last several years it was stainless steel body jewelry - simple and clean. I just decided to go back to small silver hoops, though. Also simple, not too flash. Part of the reason is that I work in a relatively conservative profession and deal with the general public. It's more important for me to have clients communicate than fixate on my earrings (though I'm generally referred to as "the doctor with all the earrings"). Part of it, though, is that I just plain prefer simple and easy care.

You, however, are in college and can do whatever you damn well please. Now is the best time to have as much fun with earrings as you can.

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I love the harmonies too!

I love the harmonies too! They're just fun.

edited: Oh, and for the earrings - I go with silver balls.. they're simple - rings are great too!

Grace and peace,

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I tend to agree ... I think

I tend to agree ... I think most guys on here will be gay... I'd classify myself as ... not slutty though ... socially enthusiastic ... to share myself around :) daveballarat
Istanbul, Turkey

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This seems to be a common

This seems to be a common opinion about knitters. (not that we're all "givers" - which of course, we all are - but that we're gay) :-)

I guess it seems a little odd to me to assume gender/sexuality from a hobby; on the other hand, I DO think that to be an avid and out-of-the-closet knitter, you need to have a certain willingness to defy social norms which, in my experience (albeit as a straight guy) I find gay men more willing to do (and experienced with).

Grace and Peace,

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There is something about

There is something about knitters that makes us...different. When I meet a fellow knitter, I know already that I'm going to get along with that person. I did have to do a little thinking about my knitting in public when I first learned...but that was back in my stressful pre-coming out days. Now when I knit in public, I get to have conversations with a lot of people around me, guys and girls alike... It peaks their curiosity to meet a manwhoknits. To the straight guy knitters...I say, "Come out of the closet!" Jk

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you're a giver, then

you're a giver, then

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Koolhaas is worth the

Koolhaas is worth the trouble, but I'm giving it away as a Christmas present...I hope my sister really appreciates it :-)
I'll post pics of my new earings next time I have a good hair day. The pic I have up now is from a year and a half ago during my eyeliner phase.

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Koolhaas is well worth the

Koolhaas is well worth the trouble, though. I made one last year, and it's my favorite winter hat, which is saying something in Maine.

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I agree... made a couple of

I agree... made a couple of them last year (both as gifts -- didn't keep myself one) :-(. This year I've been making "Habitat" -- I like it but it's not as repetitive, so it's less cathartic. (does that make sense?)

Grace and Peace,

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The hat looks great, and now

The hat looks great, and now we want the rest of the pics, and a pic of the earrings. I know there have been several posts about the orientation mix, and yes the orienation is shifted a bit from the norm. I have yet to see a post that has me as a category, for some reason people don't like to describe themselves as slutty. When asked I always respond with that.