It's Official

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Well it seems that I am officially a knitting teacher now. I have three classes that I a teaching in the winter session at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. All of you are probably way beyond my classes, but if not and you are looking to get started knitting, want to learn needle felting, or like my Venetian Rainbow Scarf and want to take one or all of the classes then please contact The Naked Sheep Knit Shop at or call them at 503-284-2003. The new schedule comes out on 12/10/2008. I have posted my classes on and at as well for a sneak peak before the schedule comes out. I am also teaching private Learn To Knit classes for anyone who might need that or want to refer a person over. That is also listed on

Happy Friday and I hope that every one out there in Blogland has a wonderful weekend.

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I'm alright...Trying to gear

I'm alright...Trying to gear myself up for working in client's gardens when I'd rather be knitting on commissioned Christmas stockings. Oh well: Sun is shining. Better make hay.

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That completely rocks! Congratulations! What are you teaching?

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Thank you very much... I

Thank you very much... I appreciate that.

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Sorry, should have hit the

Sorry, should have hit the "read more" bit re: classes.

PS:Mean lady isn't named Nancy, is she?

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Sitting here and totally

Sitting here and totally laughing at your comments. No "Mean Lady" isn't Nancy.

How are you?