On the cuff...er...cusp

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I have completed the second legwarmer, and it is successful. I did one of the stretchy bind-off techniques that Mmario linked me to (k2tog tbl, slip stitch back to left needle, repeat until all stitches are bound off), and I also increased my needle size just for good measure. It fits like a charm...now let's just hope whomever purchases it has the same size thighs as me. LOL Regarding the previous legwarmer, the de-bind-off is going well, I think. I realized after the first 14 stitches that I was only undoing the "psso"'s, but not un-knitting and un-purling that row's stitches. Oh well. No biggie. I think the important thing is that I can get it undone and then re-bindoff appropriately.

So I am on the cusp of finally completing the legwarmers. They ALMOST became a YSP, but I refused to let them cross that line. Up next? Alligator scarf!


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on first reading I thought

on first reading I thought it was a leg warmer for the Dog! LOL. I've yet to knit for the first time, need to buy a book on the subject first.

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I say check out

I say check out knittinghelp.com as they actually have video tutorials of all the basic AND advanced elements of knitting. Also, if you have any type of yarn or knitting store near you, check and see if they have any classes you could take. If not, store owners of such places are typically more than happy to help teach and guide you.

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