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Me again. I am doing a scarf simple garter stitch. Someone said that to make the edge cleaner, they recommend slipping the first stitch. Do you slip this knitwise or purlwise.
Does it matter if I am alternating colors each row?

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I don't think there's a

I don't think there's a difference as long as you're consistent throughout. Whichever you choose, remember, it's not "I didn't follow directions". It is "That's a design element'.

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I've always followed EZ's

I've always followed EZ's advice and slipped the first stitch knit-wise of an all-garter stitch project. I like the firm, even edge it gives. I'm sure you're scarf will look nice whatever method you choose to follow!

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I agree with mason. The

I agree with mason. The slip stitch on the first kind of makes a frame...I don't care for it~ I'd rather see an entirely garter stitched scarf without a slip stitch border, Especially if the garter was knit at the correct tension. (A lot of those novelty yarn scarves that were so popular were garter stitch knit on very large needles: The fabric was horrible and often looked like road-kill when draped around the neck.

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You would want to slip it

You would want to slip it the same as the row you're working. In the case of garter stitch, as it's all knits you'll want to slip it knit-wise.

I personally don't slip the first stitch, I just pull the first two stitches nice and snug and always get a nice even edge that way.

No, alternating colors won't make a difference.


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