Swallowtail Shawl

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My sanity survived the Ordeal by Nupps and Evelyn A Clark's Swallowtail shawl is finished. It was a good knit, even the nupps when I got the hang of them, but when/if I do it again I shall put in more repeats to make it a bigger shawl. This one is more shoulder shawl/scarf.

Yarn: merino slim sock, 465m/100g (508yds/3.5oz) and I used 66g on the pattern as written. merino 80%/nylon 20% from theknittery.com
Colourway: chocolate. The overall colour is like a frothy dark chocolate.
Needles: 3.5mm circular 70cm Phildar.
Blocked size: 98cmx74cm (38"x29")

Photography by TheOtherAndrew (Ravelry) and his excellent blog theotherandrew.blogspot.com

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That looks great! Awesome

That looks great! Awesome work!


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Thanks guys for all your

Thanks guys for all your comments, much appreciated.

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Knitting lace makes me want

Knitting lace makes me want to BOIL AND EAT MY OWN HEAD...Therefore, I really appreciate this: It's gorgeous! Now you just need a gorgeous Irish girl with thick auburn hair, emerald eyes, and lightly freckled porcelain skin to model it for you.

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It's destined to be owned by

It's destined to be owned by a gorgeous, petite Australian girl who has been sensible enough not to go in our broiling sun so has the porcelain skin you suggest.

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That's a really beautiful

That's a really beautiful shawl. The detail and color are great.


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What a wonderful choice of

What a wonderful choice of colour, Kerry. The shawl is gorgeous as always. Great knitting.

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Beautiful shawl, Kerry. It

Beautiful shawl, Kerry. It has a very sculptural feel to it.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

This is a beautiful shawl

This is a beautiful shawl and I think the colour is wonderful. I made notes on the nupps problem as I would like to do this shawl myself.

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Lovely shawl. And the color

Lovely shawl. And the color is very nice, too. Thanks for including the detail so we can see your wonderful stitches. Congrats.