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For those of you who have spinning wheels I would be interested in hearing which wheel you have and what you think of it. Thanks guys.


I've got an Ashford Kiwi and

I've got an Ashford Kiwi and I love it. I just got the larger bobbins and can make quite a skein on it. It's the only one I've ever spun on, though, so I have nothing to compare it too.


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i have a babe's fibre

i have a babe's fibre production wheel and also a Bressay wheel.. OMG i love both of my wheel and work with then i have time to spin.

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Albert, I have a Majacrast

Albert, I have a Majacrast wheel, the model called 'Rose", which is kind of corny but is a great wheel. Now if I could just live up to its potential! lol

Kromski Symphony here. Very

Kromski Symphony here. Very well made product.

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I have a Kromski Symphony

I have a Kromski Symphony and I really love it. There are no plastic parts, so it certainly feels "authentic" and has plenty of soul. I think the craftsmanship is excellent and it generally turns out a great product.

I'd also echo the recommendation of trying out lots of different wheels. I was ga-ga over another wheel, but when I actually sat at it to spin, it was proportionately waay too small for me. Another one I found to be too top heavy and I kept tipping it over. So, as Goldilocks said, this one is JUST RIGHT.


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Thanks, Ames! Veni, vidi,

Thanks, Ames!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I have a Louet S10 traveler

I have a Louet S10 traveler wheel: It's a large but collapsible wheel...It's not very heavy and packs nicely in it's own soft case. It spins fine. That being said, it's completely SOUL-LESS. I learned on a Leclerc scandinavian modern transverse wheel with double drive. It was a kit sold in the 60's and if you didn't glue the components together, you could break down the wheel in minutes... The pieces locked together with friction. I put many many many hours on that wheel. I tried to buy it from the university or buy a newer modern wheel to replace it, but they wouldn't do it. Try a lot of wheels and buy the one you bond with. That's all I can say.

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I hear you about the

I hear you about the soullessness- I am definitely looking for a wheel with "chi" as the Taoists would have it.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Thanks, Joe, I'll take a

Thanks, Joe, I'll take a peek at the Robin Wheel- I have not heard of it.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I meant to put a web link

I meant to put a web link into the post...sorry...here it is:

Robin Wheels - http://www.mainemade.com/members/profile.asp?ID=1331

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Hi Albert...I have two

Hi Albert...I have two wheels and both are very similar in a lot of ways:

Louet S75DT - http://www.wildandwoolyfibers.com/catalog/images/equip_75dt.jpg
Sturdy (which I like, because I treadle quickly, double-treadle (which I find more flexible and easier to control), bobbin-driven tensioning (which can be a little bit more difficult when I'm spinning finer, more loosely spun singles) castle-style wheel. I also like the large capacity of the bobbins, and it spins very smoothly.

Robin Wheel - Custom-made, curly birds-eye maple. It's even more sturdy and smooth spinning than my Louet and even though it's the same bobbin-driven tension, the cradle for the bobbin allows for less tension because of the materials both the bobbin-end and the cradle are made of. Very expensive wheel, with a long wait period to get one, but I wouldn't give up my Robin Wheel for any other.