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I'm on the cusp of finishing my scarf exchange scarf. Shortly after that I will finish the second legwarmer of the pair and then promptly fix (if I am capable) the travesty that is the top cuff of the first legwarmer. The question now is this...

Travis came back from his business trip to Melbourne with some yarn in tow! Two skeins of some beautiful Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed, two skeins of some equally beautiful Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair, and one skein of some gorgeous Noro Iro. They all go wonderfully together, but I haven't the foggiest what to make with them. When I find sexy yarn, I can easily find projects to make with it, but I rarely end up making anything for myself (see: legwarmers). When I have to make something for myself, I feel a little more "confined" since I need it to be something I will not only like, but also something I will use. And this yarn is too luxurious to NOT make something I'll adore! I'd make a hat, but I have a million hats. I'd make a scarf, but I have even more of those (several of which are even being donated this year). I would really love to either make something new or make a hat/scarf that's just phenomenal. Problem is that all the patterns I find and fall in love with are too feminine for my taste, and especially when you add mohair into the mix, there's a fine line between luxe and "girly"...at least from my point of view.



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I'm just going to try to

I'm just going to try to undo the bind-off and then re-bind off on larger needles like I should have to begin with. I've never undone a bind-off, so I'm a little uncertain about how it will go. If it doesn't work, I'm not too worried about it. I'll figure something out... LOL

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YOu want a nice stretchy

YOu want a nice stretchy bind off - what about the sewn bind off? EZ's, I think....

knitty has instructions here

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Sort off topic from your

Sort off topic from your question...but how will you finish the leg warmer (the bind off)? I am making socks for my sister and man...if I finish them with the BO like I did for myself, she will never get them on her feet as it will be too tight.

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I'm using this bind off on

I'm using this bind off on my current socks and it seems to be somewhat strechy, I also went up 2 needle sizes.