Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! EMERGENCY!! Come Right Away!!

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The following took place last night at work...

"Thank you for calling the Emergency Department. This is Bill. How can I help you?"
(Yes, I do really answer the phone in the ER with those exact words!)

"Bill, it's Rebecca in Triage. There is a guy out here who is KNITTING! I think it's a sweater"

"I'll be right there!"

Apparently emergencies come in all forms in our little neck of the woods. So I RUSHED to grab a pen and paper, wrote down "www.MenWhoKnit.com" and made mt way to Triage... to find the poor man being accosted by women in the waiting room. He was, indeed, knitting... a five cable scarf reminiscent of the "Irish Hiking Scarf"

I introduced myself and asked if he had heard of our little INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY (which he had not) so I chatted briefly about the glories of networking with only the finest group of male knitters on the planet... and he took the note with this web address.

Another emergency diverted. Another life saved.


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Dr Bombay! Oh no!, uh oh, I

Dr Bombay! Oh no!, uh oh, I don't think I want him in any ER I visit, he gets people sent to the ER, not treated :-)
see this linky:

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Do you think the NIH would

Do you think the NIH would fund a research project "The effect of knitting on the outcome of reperfusion therapy associated with AWMI?


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LOL that's funny but still a

LOL that's funny but still a little sad that the sight of a male knitter can cause such a ruckus. Frankly I am a little tired of hearing the same old line "I've never seen a man knitting before".


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And Kudos to Rebecca in

And Kudos to Rebecca in Triage for knowing whom to call in such an emergency situation!

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Funny story. Glad you could

Funny story. Glad you could help.


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Good on you, Bill. Well

Good on you, Bill. Well done for spreading news about this site and putting another male knitter in touch with everyone here. This site is so useful, so the more of us that know about it, the more helpful it becomes.