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In yet another attempt to create EZ's Spiral Cap (and failing once again), I ended up creating a hat in Peace Fleece "Firebird Orange" for my friends daughter, Mari. Of course, I knitted a complimentary hat for her twin brother, Mesfin! Just kind of winged each of them. For Mesfin's cap, I casted on at home, knitted like a fiend for the drive into the city... then finished off the hat to the anxious delight of the adorable 4 year olds!

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Hats and models are just

Hats and models are just adorable.


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Adorable. How did you like

Adorable. How did you like knitting with the Peace fleece? Will it provide as warm a hat as a fleece hat? Or not as warm due to the stitches?

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I think the name "Peace

I think the name "Peace Fleece" refers more to the fleece of a flock raised in peace (rather than "fleece" as in the recycled plastic polar fleece stuff). This is just wool. A nice sturdy wool that has made nice warm hats!

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OK - thanks for the

OK - thanks for the clarification.