Raglan sweater in Black Hills 'Waikari' is done

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Have just finished my crew-neck raglan sweater from Ann Budd's "Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns". The first FO I think I've posted here.

knitted in Black Hills wool, which I posed about recently, in a marled colourway called 'Waikari' on 5mm Knit Pick Options circular needles.

I learned a couple of new techniques, the tubular cast-on and the kitchener stitch bind-off. I'm feeling quite evangelical about these at the moment, as they give such a great finish to the garment, and I'll definitely be using again.

If I'd do anything differently with this project it would have been:

1. To place a few purl and knit stitches between the SSK and K2tog decreases to make a more pronounced raglan look to the garment;

2. Not to have cast on just 90% of the total stitches at the ribbing. 95% would probably have been better.

Yarn for the next project, 50% llama and 50% wool, which knits to 11st over 4" was bought this evening on the way home from a meeting. Yum, yum.


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Beautiful sweater, I love

Beautiful sweater, I love the way the yarn knitted up.


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Many thanks to you too. I'm

Many thanks to you too. I'm really pleased about how this yarn knitted up too. Now looking forward to seeing how it settles down was washing and wearing.

I want to see one of the

I want to see one of the sweaters using the Lanark yarn. I am in love with that website every since you first blogged about it.
Thanks for posting this lovely sweater.

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And thank you for the kind

And thank you for the kind compliment. I have a sweater in a DK New Lanark yarn to post in future. New Lanark also make a couple of marled yarns in natural colours and blues. The effect will be more subtle than the one shown in this post, as the marl in this yarn is created by plying a single strand of brown and natural threads with a moderate spin.

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It's beautiful! I've often

It's beautiful! I've often wondered what a marled yarn looks like knit up, as I have never knit with one. I love the tweedy effect that results. Will look into that bind off - I have bind off on the brain the past few days. Thanks for posting the pics; look forward to more.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Ah well, now you know.

Ah well, now you know. Marled yarns make great casual socks, the sort you'd wear with walking boots (or some comfortable urban boots for those of us who are confirmed city-boys). Thanks for your king feedback and hope you have a try of the bind-off, my enthusiasm for which seems to know no bounds just now.

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Great looking sweater! I'd

Great looking sweater! I'd wear that no problem.


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You are very kind, but I

You are very kind, but I guess you'll be too busy wearing that great stash-busting sweater you posted the other day. Can't wait to see how that turns-out, so please post about it soon.

"The first FO I think I've

"The first FO I think I've posted here" you say. You should post more often cause this looks great.

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Thanks very much. I have a

Thanks very much. I have a couple of other sweaters which are nearing completion and will be posted once done. The fact that I have two almost-finished will tell you how much I hate weaving in ends and (until discovering the Kitchener bind-off) how much I don't like a standard bind-off.

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Awwwh, bless you. Thanks

Awwwh, bless you. Thanks very much.

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It looks beautiful.

It looks beautiful.